Films 2023


Country: Canada, Georgia / Duration 24 min/ year 2023

In August 1992, war broke out over the secession of Abkhazia from the Republic of Georgia, forcing 250,000 people out of their homes. Thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were temporarily relocated to the empty sanatoriums of Tskaltubo. After 30 years of waiting in Tskaltubo, Nana and Irakli are finally offered a new apartment in the seaside city of Batumi. Is it too late to start over?

Movie Director Biography

Toby Andris

Toby Andris is a self-taught writer/director from Montreal, Canada. After some experimentation with the cinematic form, Andris came into his own with two short films shot in the Republic of Georgia, Chiatura (2021) and Tskaltubo (2022), which have won numerous awards and been selected in prestigious festivals (Palm Springs ShortFest, Raindance, Slamdance, Leeds International Film Festival, Krakow Film Festival, etc.). His first feature- length film, The Forgotten, is currently in development.