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After her husband divorces her, Seda resorts to self-flagellation and locks herself up in a basement in protest. She falls prey to a charlatan who declares her a saint and creates a following of fanatic worshippers - but to whose ultimate benefit?

Movie Director Biography

Irina Gachechiladze

Irina Gachechiladze-B.A. International Relations, Tbilisi State University, Georgia, 1999 M.A. Master of Theatre Arts, specialization DIRECTING, “Russian Academy of Theatre Arts – GITIS”, No DIM 0009123/320, 2005 (2003-2005) Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab, completed intensive professional directors’ course, NYC 2013 Graphics/Visual arts training, Surikov State Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia, 2003-2004 Choreography training, Academy of Dance and Music “Bikurai Haitim” Tel Aviv, Israel, 2000 Certificate, People, Body, Space & Performance Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University 2000 Stage choreography courses, Institute of Arts – Tbilisi, Georgia, 1996-97 PRIZES: Winner Film Festival “Kinoshok” Jury Concours for short films; 2002 (An Apple); 2004 (Stigma)