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The 27 year old screenwriter discovers that his status as alive is no more active and he is officially “dead”, To recover the status he has to go through a dark endless labyrinth of bureaucracy, which makes his day turn into a hell .

Movie Director Biography

Gabriel Khotivari

I, Gabriel Khotivari was born in Tbilisi on November 17, 1992. I attended 53rd public school in 1998-2011. The same year, I was accepted to Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State university on faculty of Law. On second year, I realized that it wasn’t interesting sphere for me and decided to change my specialty. In 2013, I was accepted to Shota Rustaveli Theatre and film state Georgian University on faculty of Film and television, with the major of Film Directing. At the same time, I am taking qualification courses in Cinematography and script development. Also my experience in Georgian-German project “Urban Stories” and Italian international travelling campus, (where I had to shoot films in a short period of time). The joint work with filmmakers all over the world gave me a great experience as a director. As for professional experience, I have worked on variety of fiction films, Created by me.