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In a tale of isolation and interconnectedness, Eka, a TV presenter, and Lado, a reclusive programmer, find their lives entwined amidst the relentless grip of loneliness in the bustling streets of Tbilisi.

Movie Director Biography

Irine Jordania

Irine Jordania was born in Tbilisi in 1974. She studied screenwriting and directing at Shota Rustaveli Film and Theater Institute and continued at the Russian State University of Cinematography. Irine has been working as 1st AD and producer for films and television. Irine was a journalist for media outlets and editor for publications - Filmpring and Modi. As an actor, she acted in the films Salome (1988), Tbilisuri Love Story (2009), Laguna Vere (2010), Comets (2019). Irine's first short film 12 K. Marx Street (Sarajevo 2019) was selected as a candidate for the 2020 Short Film Award of the European Film Academy. Director / 12 K. Marx Street - 15' (2019)